The Genocide in Sudan

May 28, 2006

By now all of you have heard about Darfur in Sudan. It is located in the western part of Sudan where muslims are fighting and killing each other. The conflict is between two distinct groups in the diverse Darfur population; non-Arab black peoples like the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa, and Arab tribes collectively termed Baggara. They are not you typical arab but are considered arabs because of their lanuage, but genetically they are close to africans. Both groups are Muslims. The black musims are mostly farmers, and the arabs are mostly nomadic herdsmen. The dispute is primarily over access to land and surface water.

Sudan as you all know has one more conflict going on the southern part where the majority population is black and christians. That is another rwanda in the making. We in the west see these people as illiterate and barbaric. In some ways they are, and one can not change them, but they are humans too. I mean they are different from us but in some ways they are like us. By ignoring genosides happening around the world we are sending a wrong message that you can do anything and the international community will standy.

We as a collective human society needs to act and act now because if we loose this window of opportunity then we will forever regret our being, and the future generations will judge us very harshly.


2 Responses to “The Genocide in Sudan”

  1. John said

    i am disgusted as to why the whole world is ignoring what going on in Darfur.

  2. kooman said

    I also think that the west has a prominent role in shaping up the recent past history of Africa as a whole. For e.g. coco farms in Africa is serving chocolate giants in the West. Diamond industry is very much active in the region and that is one of the reasons of many ethnic problems. Ethnicity is effectively being exploited for this purpose, I suppose. I don’t know particularly the root causes of Sudanese problem as such, though.

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